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Colorado State University - Directors of Athletics 1904 to 2010
John H. McIntosh

1904 to 1906
George M. Cassidy

1910 to 1911
Claude J. Rothgeb

1906 to 1910
Director of Athletics 1904 to 1911: Following five years of virtually unsupervised athletic management, the Colorado Agricultural
College administration decided to appoint a man into the new role of "Director of Athletics". After a poorly supervised 1903-04 school
year for athletics, which included the coaching of the football team by a Denver doctor on a part-time basis, it was decided to appoint
someone with more experience in coaching and athletic management. When John McIntosh arrived in 1904, his five years of athletic
management and coaching allowed him to rebuild the athletic council and establish some of the same elements of athletic administration
seen today. Although he hired a baseball coach, McIntosh coached football, basketball and track during his tenure. When Rothgeb and
Cassidy took over as athletic directors, they coached all four varsity sports. However, they did not remain as established men in the
school and after Cassidy a new man from Oklahoma was found.
Harry W. Hughes - 1911 to 1953
Director of Athletics 1904 to 1911: