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Uniforms of the Aggies & Rams
Part 1 - 1922 to 1958
Color artwork by Andrew Quirk
1945 to 1949
1952 to 1956
1957 to 1958
Follow the football uniforms through the years at Colorado State beginning with the 1922 style up to the new uniforms
unveiled in 2010. The colors, styles, helmets and more are what make fans follow Aggies and Rams football through time.
We have done our best to match colors from only black and white photos; some colors are interpretations
1940 to 1942
1922 to 1928
1929 to 1932
1933 to 1939
The first true uniform "style" of the Aggies was during on
of the finest decades in school history for football. The
so-called "Four Horseman" style of helmet was likely
leather colored, but sometimes it is believed they painted
them orange or gold. One water color photo from this
period shows them gold in color, but black and white
photos make them appear darker. The dark green "sweater"
had leather patches in orange on the chest and sleeves for
protection that made up style. Numerals were only located
on the back of the uniform at this time, the last uniform
style to not have numerals on the front of the jersey.
The first uniforms known to show yellow to represent
the school's "gold" color appeared in the 1929
uniforms. It was also the first period that an alternate
uniform (below right) in 1931 only. The helmets were
also gold in color as seen in th picture with the player
wearing #27. These uniforms did not last long and were
replaced in 1933.
The classic style of CSU uniform first appeared in this
period with the green jersey, gold numbers and gold
pants. The famous criss-cross helmet design was
yellow or orange as seen in the water colored photos a
left. They still only had one style, wearing these
uniforms at home and on the road. This design best
defines the CSU uniform for the next 80 years.
The "orange-clad Aggies"
uniform debuted in 1940 and
was ridiculed so badly that
different styles were tested
before the onset of WWII. It
was the first uniform with
jersey and pants all one color
and not a favorite of
anybody according to the
newspapers of the day.
The first uniform
style to feature a
solid color jersey
and a white jersey.
The white was for
day games and
green for night
Ram Horns first
appear in 1951
Plastic helmets were
introduced in 1950.
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Uniforms - 1959 to 1981
In 1950 the Colorado A&M Football team
featured for the first time plastic helmets
rather than leather. Although the uniform
style did not change in both 1950 and 1951,
the helmets made the biggest difference. It
was in 1951 that the Rams horns first
appeared on a green helmet.
1951 Action
Harvey Achziger-1950
After the 1951 switch to the "bone style" Rams helmets, the Aggie-Rams added stripes on the
sleeves and wore several different color combinations. The first all-white uniforms appeared in
1952 and they mixed and matched the colors during this entire period. In 1956 the tradition of
white jerseys for road and green for home game began and remains the same today.
In 1957 the school name changed to
Colorado State University and the
Rams designed new helmets and
road jerseys for the name change.
These are the uniforms that CSU
attempted to recreate in 2007 for a
throwback game against Cal.