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Large number of voters choose old-style uniforms based on helmet design
When the staff at Colorado (both of us) decided to recreate the football uniforms of the past for Colorado State University,
we had no idea how much Ram fans really care about the uniform style of football players for nearly 90 years. From February 24 to
February 28, 2010 an on-line poll of fans on Facebook, Twitter, Ramnation and email to friends and family was conducted to find out
what fans thought. The reaction of looking at the uniforms was so overwhelming that the website received more page views in these five
days than any other five-day period in the three-year history of Colorado The website also reached its highest page views
for one month in its history topping September 2009 when Aggies to Rams was published. Although page views were high, not all fans
turned in their vote, but an overwhelming number of Ram fans did tell us in the best feedback vote we have ever conducted.

Below are the results of the voting and a few notes on what we observed.
CSU Fans vote for their Top 5 favorite football uniforms of all time- March 2010
#5 - Best Alternate Jersey or Uniform Style
The 1990 Freedom Bowl
#4 - 1979 to 1980 Horns on the sleeves
This style of uniform was very popular among voters for
the gold colored numbers and of all things the black
shadowing around the numbers.
The uniforms so many fans disliked 20 years ago received the 6th most number of overall votes
and the most number of votes for an alternative style. Maybe it was the fact these uniforms, worn
only for the 1990 Freedom Bowl, represent the first bowl win in school history or maybe they
really were something many fans liked. The 2005 Border War uniforms came in as the second
most popular while many fans thought the 1940 "Orange-clad Aggies" style was the worst. Note to
the athletic department, all-orange uniforms are not a fan favorite.
This uniform style barely edged out the most recent style and finished at #4 based
solely because fans liked the LA Rams style of the yellow horns on the home jersey
sleeves. Although the away jersey was not what made these uniforms popular, it was
the uniqueness of the ram horns which have never been on jerseys before or since.
As the votes kept coming in we were shocked
that the style of Gary Glick and Jerry Callahan
became the # 1 fan favorite uniform. Looking at
the uniform itself, it is not much different than
1957-1958, which received one vote. We
quickly realized that Ram fans chose this style
of uniform based on the helmet design.
Countless votes came in with "love the bone
helmet" or "those were tough looking without
the face mask." The comment from one
Ramnation user known as "Headbutt" was,
"That helmet is unparallelled in football. I
would love to see that style of Ram
horns in Vegas Gold on our green helmets."

We agree that the 1950s uniform with original
ram horns on the helmet are the best in school
history. Now we can't wait to see the new style
unveiled later this year.
#3 - 1997 Gold numbers
#2 - 1993-1996 Sonny's Original Uniforms
The way fans described this uniform style was Classy, no stripes,
"the best uniforms ever" and that the new Vegas Gold color made the
school colors pop. There was nothing fancy about these uniforms
that were around during Sonny Lubick's first three years as head
coach, they just had a certain classic look. This style and the #1 pick
remained head-to-head during the five days of voting and at one time
had been in first place before a surge of votes for the winner.
#1 - 1952-1956 The Bone Style
Helmet with striped sleeves
This poll was conducted by the Colorado staff, a private fan website, and does not represent the opinion of Colorado State University
Style was not
We heard from many
fans that noticed we
lumped the
2000-2002 uniform
style into the
2003-2009 style. The
reason this was done
is because our
artwork could not
show the difference
in the fat numbers
from the 2000-2002
uniforms. So through
photos we stand
corrected on this
issue and apologize to
those that wanted to
vote for them.
forget to
include the
Uniform styles that
received no votes:
- 1950

- 1969

- 1970-1972

Ram fans did not look
at these styles twice
and they received no
votes among the 100s
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