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In Memoriam: Perry Blach 1923-2011
Colorado State University has lost one of its greatest fans and a man who
defined a generation of football players for the Colorado Aggies. Perry
Blach passed away on January 11, 2011 at the age of 87. He stepped onto
Colorado Field as a varsity football player in 1942 to play guard alongside
men like Chet Maeda, John Mosley and the legendary Dude Dent; he ended
his playing career in 1947 with men like Fum McGraw, Bob Hainlen, Tuffy
Mullison and Eddie Hanna.

Blach was a native of Yuma, Colorado, born on May 24, 1923, he came to
Colorado State to study Agricultural Sciences, then known as “Animal
Husbandry.” His first season of football was in 1942, the first year that
Coach Hans Wagner took over from the legendary Harry Hughes as the
Aggies mentor. However, the war interrupted his collegiate life like it did
with so many men of the day and Blach went to Europe to serve under
General George S. Patton in the Third Army with the 738th Field Artillery
Battalion. He earned a Bronze Star while serving during WWII.

While in Europe, Blach played football for his Army Division and again like
so many men of his generation, he played with men from all over the
United States to learn more and more about the game. He returned home
from the war after the 1945 football season and came back to his school,
re-named Colorado A&M College, for the 1946 football season.

Hans Wagner issued Blach uniform number 4 and the Army Veteran from
Yuma returned to the guard position. Midway through the 1946 season,
Wagner resigned and Harry Hughes took over as the interim coach.
Although Hughes switched from the T-Formation to the Single Wing, Blach
remained in the guard position for that season.

The 1946 football media guide described him as a, “Likeable smiling veteran
from 1942 squad.” In his senior year of 1947, Blach returned to play for
new head coach Bob Davis, making him one of the few men to have played
for Wagner, Hughes and Davis during their career at Colorado A&M. He
helped lay the groundwork for the Raisin Bowl team of 1948 as he played
with veterans of the war and young upcoming players as well.

Perry Blach graduated from Colorado A&M in 1948, married his wife
Teresa and moved back to Yuma where he opened and operated Perry J.
Blach Farm and Ranch. They had nine children and a long list of
descendants that also graduated from CSU.

Blach’s lifelong love was his support of Colorado State University
throughout the remainder of his life as a member of the Alumni Association
Board of Directors (President of the board 1963-1965), season ticket
holder for football, advisor to the CSU Foundation, member of several
collegiate councils and winner of the Henry Award for Distinguished

Although he was not an all-conference football player, he was an all-star
Aggie and Ram to Colorado State University and he will be missed among
fans and friends all over the CSU campus.