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The Color of the Aggies and Rams - 1949 to 1960
Prior to the 1970s, it was rare to find any color photos in a Silver Spruce Yearbook. Usually only one or two could be found in the front of the
book, but by the mid-1950s an occasional color football photo could be found. This special feature are photos from the Silver Spruce along with
some from the 1949 Raisin Bowl film.
Still shots from the 1949 Raisin Bowl film show the color of the uniforms with white jerseys. The photo at right has four CSU hall of famers.
Left to right; #24 George Jones, #19 Jack Christiansen, #48 Fum McGraw and barely visible #40 Dale Dodrill.
Clockwise beginning with photo above: 1954 Colorado A&M football
with #12 Gary Glick, 1956 Colorado A&M Band with CAM the Ram at
Colorado Field, 1958 Colorado State University football with #32 Alan
Ashbaugh leading team, 1957 Colorado State University team the first
as CSU.
1960 CSU Rams football wearing USC style uniforms
1956 Colorado A&M Campus from above