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The Rams Playing Career of New CSU Athletic Director - Jack Graham
On December 1, 2011, it was a shock to Ram fans everywhere that CSU athletic director
Paul Kowolczyk had be fired by university president Dr. Tony Frank. Equally, the shock
from Ram fans came in the form of "Who is Jack Graham?"

If you didn't know about Jack Graham's playing career before, Colorado has his
two-year career detailed from the pages of the 1973 and 1974 Rocky Mountain Collegian

Graham arrived at Colorado State University as a transfer from Foothill Junior College in Los
Altos Hills, California shortly after Sark Arslanian took over as the new head coach of Rams
football. Graham challenged Pat Juliana and Jan Stubbe for the starting job while sophomore
Mark Driscoll sat out the 1973 season.

In pre-season drills, Graham was unable to beat out the senior, Stubbe, but did come in as
the team's back-up quarterback beating Juliana out for the job. In the season opener at
Hughes Stadium against a nationally recognised Arizona Wildcat squad, Graham was inserted
during the game as the score ran up to 31-0 in Arizona's favor. Graham's first game as a
Ram yielded 12 yards in passing.

With the highly talented Willie Miller at flanker, Arslanian stuck with Stubbe as the season
progressed and going into the October 20, 1973 Wyoming game he led the nation in passing.
However, it was a bad day in Laramie and Stubbe was benched in the second quarter with
Graham coming in relief.
John "Jack" Graham - 1973 to 1974
Graham went 9 for 34 and 141 yards passing with no touchdowns. The Collegian reported the Rams as being "lethargic" and a running
game that hit "rock bottom."

The next week against UTEP, Graham once again relieved Stubbe, this time because the score had become so "absurd" in CSU's favor.
Against UTEP, Graham passed for 57 yards going 5 for 8 and rushing for two touchdowns. As the 1973 season continued, Jan Stubbe
remained as the starter with his favorite targets being Miller and Dan O'Rourke.

Graham continued to be inserted into games and performed well scoring another rushing touchdown in the November 24th season finale
against New Mexico. Graham too found Miller and O'Rourke for passes in his brief New Mexico game appearance and showed that he
was to be the starter in 1974 as the Rams made the fourth best turn around in the NCAA.
As the 1974 season opened, Jack Graham clearly became the starter for the
Rams with a year of experience under Arslanian and being the more mature
senior quarterback.

In the season opener in New Mexico, Graham opened up on the Lobos with the
second-best passing game in school history to that date. The Rams quarterback
passed for 294 yards and went 15 for 27 and was intercepted three times.
Freshman running back Ron Harris made is CSU debut with 139 yards on the
ground and two touchdowns. However, New Mexico out-scored CSU 32 to 23
in a contest that saw 441 total yards by the Rams.

The next week in Florida, Graham recorded his first win as a starting
quarterback against the Florida State Seminoles. A 76-yard pass to Willie Miller
put CSU on the board early with Ron Harris chunking up many more yards on
the Tallahassee turf.
Coach Sark Arslanian replaced Graham as the
starter in the third game of the 1974 season with
#12 Mark Driscoll
Graham and the Rams returned to Hughes Stadium for the 1974 home opener against Memphis
on September 28th. With the Rams trailing 17-3 after halftime, Sark Arslanian decided to insert
his junior quarterback, Mark Driscoll, to help get CSU back on track. Driscoll immediately drove
the team down the field thanks to receptions by Willie Miller who punched the ball into the end
zone for a score. Driscoll then moved the team again, this time with the help of Dan O'Rourke
for another touchdown.

The next week against BYU in the infamous tied game that was not, Driscoll started in place of
Graham and immediately opened up the passing game to get on the national radar. Graham took
the position of back-up and in a 66-17 route over Nevada two weeks later, was inserted late in
the game, throwing the Rams 7th touchdown pass of the day.

In the October 26, 1974 Arkansas game in Little Rock, Graham came in to relieve Driscoll
following a sprained knee. Graham took to the air immediately and found Willie Miller on a
61-yard bomb than ended at the one-yard line. Ron Harris punched it in for the lone touchdown
of the night in a 43-9 loss.

The following week against Wyoming in Fort Collins, Driscoll returned as the starter despite the
knee sprain and CSU beat the Cowboys for the first time since 1966. Driscoll continued to start
the rest of the season as he and Willie Miller combined to be one of the nation's top passing
Willie Miller was the favorite target
of both Jack Graham and Mark
Driscoll in 1974
Jack Graham closed out his career in the November 16, 1974 UTEP game
when he and Dan O'Rourke combined on a 44-yard touchdown pass in the
56-24 beating of the Miners.

Mark Driscoll closed out the season in Tempe, Arizona with a close 26-21
loss over the Sun Devils. Driscoll ended the season as the seventh-best
passer in the nation.

After the 1974 season, Jack Graham was chosen by the Miami Dolphins in
the 14th round of the 1975 NFL draft. The 361st player taken in 1975 did
not make the roster and Graham went into business.

Although another Graham went on to be the Rams quarterback in 1976 and
1977, he was not relation to Jack and should not be confused by Ram fans.

Jack Graham remained a supporter of CSU athletics and stayed close to his
team. When CSU fans heard that he was to replace Kowolczyk, many had
never heard of the former quarterback. Graham becomes the second former
CSU quarterback to become the school's athletic director. The first was
Mark Driscoll, an ironic twist of history more than 35 years later.
Dan Graham (#7) took over as the rams quarterback in
1976 and 1977. He is no relation to Jack Graham.
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Vintage Photos of Jack Graham when he was a CSU Quarterback