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Football All-Americans
Kenny Hyde - 1925 - AP 3rd Team - QB
After an amazing 9-1 season and the 1925 championship, Kenny Hyde
named to an All-America team. He is also the first athlete from CSU to
be named to an All-America team as well. The Chicago Bears invited
him to play for them in 1926, but he declined because he did not believe
professional football had a future.
Thurman F. "Fum" McGraw-
1948- Players 3rd Team - T
1949- International News 1st Team - T
McGraw became the first consensus All-American in CSU history
in 1949 and later went on to be a world champion on the Detroit
Lions. Easily one of the most recognized people in CSU history.
Harvey Achziger - 1952- INS 1st Team-T
Possibly one of the least known All-Americans in school
history, Achziger became the second Bob Davis pupil on
team. Achziger did not play in the NFL.
Gary Glick - 1955 - AP 2nd Team - HB
Surprisingly Glick was only named to the second team by the
AP, but the Pittsburgh Steelers found his talents so good he was
the first pick in the 1956 NFL draft; the first and only CSU
player chosen as the #1 overall pick. Glick was also chosen as
an academic All-American as well.
Kevin McLain - 1975 - TSN, Time, NEA 1st Team - LB
UPI 2nd Team
A Junior College transfer from Fullerton College, McLain
made an immediate impact on Sark Arslanian's tough
1970s defense. He was chosen in the 1st round of the
1976 NFL draft and played for the LA Rams.
Mike Bell - 1977 - AP 2nd Team - DL
1978 - Football Writers, UPI, TSN, Playboy Walter
Camp 1st team, AP 2nd Team - DL
One of the greatest players in CSU history and easily one
of the greatest defensive players. Mike Bell anchored the
"Big Green" defense of the 1970s and spent 12 seasons
with the Kansas City Chiefs.
Keli McGregor - 1984 - UPI, AP 2nd Team - TE
A walk-on player in 1981, McGregor exploded as a potent
receiver at the tight end position in the Leon Fuller era. In
1983 he broke the NCAA record for most receptions by a
tight end only to have his record broken one week later.
He briefly played for the Denver Broncos, but is known by
all as the president of the Colorado Rockies Baseball Club.
Steve Bartalo - 1986 - UPI, AP 2nd Team - FB
Without question the greatest running back in school
history, Bartalo was also a walk-on player from Colorado
Springs. He still holds the WAC and CSU record for most
rushing yards in a career and like Gary Glick is one of
only three CSU football academic All-Americans. Bartalo
played for the Tampa Bay Bucaneers.
Greg Myers -
1994- Football Writers, TSN, Scripp-Howard 1st Team, AP
2nd Team - S
1995 - AP, UPI, Walter Camp, TSN 1st Team
1995 Jim Thorpe Award Winner
No football player in CSU history has received as much
recognition in national awards as Greg Myers. A four-time
All-WAC player, Myers received the only national award in
1995 when he was named the Jim Thorpe Award winner. He
is the third CSU All-American player and academic
All-American as well. Myers was drafted by the Cincinnati
Bengals and played for them until 2000.
Anthony Cesario - 1998 - AFCA First Team - OL
The last nationally recognized All-American at CSU is
Anthony Cesario. The tough offensive lineman anchored
the Rams O-line during the greatest period in CSU football
history. Cesario played for the Jacksonville Jaguars and
Miami Dolphins.
Mychal Sisson - 2008 Freshman -The Sporting News - LB
The Latest CSU player to be named to an All-America team is the first
in school history. In 2008, Mychal Sisson was named as the first
team All-American linebacker for The Sporting News' "Freshman
All-America team." He became the first freshman in school history to
be named to a nationally recognized All-America team and is an
example of the new era in CSU football now playing for the Rams.