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Football Championships and Bowl Games
There have been 15 conference championships in school history and the Rams have attended 12 bowl games with an overall record of 5-7
in bowl games. Below is a brief recap of those conference championships and bowl championships.
1915 - In his fifth season as head coach of the Colorado Agricultural
College football team, Harry Hughes took his team to the only
undefeated and untied season in school history. Led by center Charles
Shepardson (second from left on bottom row) and outstanding halfback
Ralph "Sag" Robinson (second from right in front row). Hughes
introduced his "Million Dollar Play" in 1914 and behind the skilled
running of Robinson, opposing teams were fooled time and again.
1916 - Virtually the same football team from 1915 returned to once
again dominate the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference. The 1916
Aggies went 6-0-1 to win the championship outright. Over their
two-year stretch the Aggies went 13-0-1 with the new Million Dollar
Play as their signature play that dominated the Rocky Mountain region.
1919 - After Harry Hughes lost his team to the War department during
WWI, many war veterans and skilled players came home to CAC to
Arthur Sheely, Harry "Hap" Dotson and the legendary Charles
Bresnahan. The only loss of the 1919 season came during a blizzard in
Colorado Springs against Colorado College.

One memorable part of this team was the bear cub that acted as the
team mascot. The bear cub was only seen in the 1919 season.

1920 - Virtually the same team as 1919 returned in 1920 to dominate the
Rocky mountain Athletic Conference in 1920. A tie against the
University of Colorado and a close loss at Nebraska were the only
blemishes on this amazing season.

1925 - Possibly the greatest team of the Hughes era, the 1925 Colorado
Aggies went 9-0 in the regular season only to lose big to the University of
Hawaii in a late season game in Honolulu. This team produced the first
All-American in school history (Kenny Hyde-3rd team QB) during the
height of the Harry Hughes coaching period.

1927 - Another great Hughes team of the 1920s, the Colorado Aggies
beat Colorado College and their All-American, Dutch Clark, in
Colorado Springs to win the championship and complete a 13 season
run of six conference championships and three seasons in second place.
By 1928, Liberty Magazine named the Colorado Aggies the 13th best
team in the nation over the previous five years for winning percentage.

1933 - In the height of the Great Depression, players like Wilbur "Little
Red" White and Glenn Morris fought to tie for the conference
championship with the University of Utah and University of Denver.

1934 - Once again the Aggies tied for the conference championship, this
time with the University of Colorado and the school known today as the
University of Northern Colorado. It is the only time in the more than 100
years of the RMAC that three schools tied for the championship (in
back-to-back seasons) and all three schools from Colorado.

1955 - After 21 years, Coach Bob Davis led the Aggie-Rams to a
conference championship. Behind the talents of Jerry Callahan, Jerry
Zaleski, Larry Barnes and All-American Gary Glick, the Colorado
A&M football team won their only championship of the Bob Davis era.
Glick was chosen by the Pittsburgh Steelers as the first and only CSU
football player to be the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft.

1994 - Sonny Lubick and the CSU Rams won the first Western Athletic
Conference championship in school history in Lubick's second season as
head coach. After near misses in 1977 and 1980, the Rams finally came
out on top in the conference race with one of the greatest seasons in
school history. With Anthoney Hill at quarterback, E.J. Watson at
running back and a defense anchored by All-American Greg Myers,
Brady Smith and Sean Moran, the Rams began the best 10-year stretch
since the 1920s.

1995 - With virtually the same team, Lubick and his Rams won a second
WAC championship, tying with AFA, BYU and Utah. Outstanding
safety Greg Myers won the 1995 Jim Thorp Award for best befensive
back in the nation.

1997 - Possibly one of the greatest teams in school history, Moses
Moreno led the Rams at quarterback as Sonny Lubick won his third
championship in four seasons. This was the final WAC championship for
the Rams as they headed to the newly formed Mountain West
Conference in 1999.

1999 - With a new conference formed in part by the success of the
Rams, Sonny Lubick and his team won the first Mountain West
Conference championship, tying with BYU and Utah. With Matt Newton
at the quarterback position and Kevin McDougal at running back, the
Rams set the stage for one of the greatest seasons, if not THE greatest, in
school history.

2000 - Cecil "The Diesel" Sapp, Matt Newton and a bevy of outstanding
Ram players finished the 2000 season with one of the best records in
school history at 10-2. The Rams won their 14th overall conference
championship, the fifth time a championship had been won in
back-to-back seasons.

2002 - Sonny Lubick's final conference championship, the sixth of his
career at CSU, was won with heart and determination by Bradlee Van
Pelt and Cecil Sapp.
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