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Game Film and Video of
Aggies and Rams Football
Aggies to Rams Commercial

This highlight film of CSU football features
pictures found in the book along with film
found during the research of the book. Set to
music from NFL Films. 3:22
1948 Wyoming Game

Color Film highlights from the legendary 1948
Wyoming game in Laramie. Dale Dodrill blocked
the Cowboy's extra point at the end of the game
and A&M fans tore down the goalposts.
1958 Wyoming Game

A clash of mammoth proportions took place at
Colorado Field in 1958. Did Alan Ashbaugh score?
See for yourself.
1949 Raisin Bowl

A short clip of some footage from the 1949 Raisin Bowl.
Note: A longer version will come soon.
Fum's Song with Fight Song

This special video features photos and game film of
the legendary Fum McGraw while he sings his
famous song. It concludes with the CSU Fight Song
and clips of great moments in Aggies and Rams
football history.
1955 DU Game

A short clip of film from the 1955 DU game featuring
CSU legend Gary Glick.
1977 Recruiting Film
Lawrence McCutcheon Highlight Film

1971 footage of one of the greatest in CSU history.
1978 CSU Highlights
1990 Freedom Bowl - Part 1
1990 Freedom Bowl - Part 2
1994 Arizona Game Highlights
Game day at Hughes Stadium - 1977

From the 1977 recruiting film comes this musical highlight of a
game day at Hughes Stadium in 1977.
Other CSU

1955 Vet Med

CSU Construction

2011 CSU Football

CSU v. CU The
Rocky Mountain

CSU v. CU 2009

2008 New Mexico

Tommy Lasorda
speaks to the CSU
Football team