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Uniforms of the Aggies & Rams
Part 3 - 1982 to 2009
Color Artwork by Andrew Quirk
1932 to 1939
Helmet Designs
1932 to 1992
1982 to 1988
1989 to 1992
1993 to 1996
2003 to 2009
1998 to 1999
The last 28 years of uniforms saw some changes, but few of them to the core green and gold. The gold actually became the
color gold and other small changes occurred, most notably the helmet color to green with yellow or gold horns. This era
comprises the Fuller, Bruce, Lubick and Fairchild era of CSU football.
The greatest change to the uniform during Leon
Fuller's era as CSU head coach was the reversal in
colors on the helmets. The uniforms themselves
became very plain with nothing special, but held to
the traditional green jersey at home, white jersey
for road and yellow pants for both.
The Earle Bruce era of
uniforms featured a classic
color scheme with numbers
trimmed in yellow. In 1990,
the team wore for the first
time an all-green uniform
combination by a request of
the players. That same
season, the Rams wore a
yellow jersey in the Freedom
Bowl to solidify a historic
game and legendary color
combination against Oregon.
Sonny Lubick introduced for the first time
the metallic gold (known as "Vegas Gold")
when he took over as head coach in 1993.
These simple uniforms also featured the new
Ram Head Logo on the upper left thigh.
One of the greatest teams in school history wore these
uniforms for only one season. The gold lettering on the
white jersey was so difficult to see they changed to a darker
green later in the season.
During the Lubick era, these uniforms had the most amount
of design of any other.
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