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Uniforms of the Aggies & Rams
Part 2 - 1959 to 1981
Color Artwork by Andrew Quirk
1959 to 1961
1976 to 1978
1973 to 1975
1979 to 1980
1970 to 1972
1962 to 1968
The study of CSU football uniform styles continues into the early years of the university status up through the Sark Arslanian
era. The orange that was meant to represent gold is gone as bright yellow takes over to represent gold. If you watched the
Rams play in the 1960s, one might think that the CSU football team had stolen the uniforms of the Green Bay Packers. The
Rams horns reappear in 1973 and remain on the helmets today.
The color yellow takes over as the representation for gold in 1959 as the Rams
nickname is officially adopted by the school. The number on the helmets gets larger
and for the first time green pants for road games are introduced.
mostly the style when he was the head coach. From 1962 to
1964 the sleeves did not have "C.S.U." on them and only in
1964 there was a Ram head sticker on the sides of the helmet.
These uniforms best represent the Mike Lude era and were
This Ram head design appears to be lost in time. This style is
best known for the days of Oscar Reed and the famous
Cowboy Special bounce pass in 1966.
In 1969 all of college football
celebrated the 100th
anniversary of the first football
game against Princeton and
Rutgers. The Rams placed the
NCAA approved "100" football
logo on the side of their helmets
and looked even more like the
Packers. Stripes on the sleeves
were the final touch.
These uniforms are
the Jerry Wampfler
era only and without
anything on the
helmets it was
supposed to be like
Notre Dame.
For the first time since 1956, the rams
horns were placed back onto CSU
football helmets where they remain,
after several modifications, today.
Mike Bell, Al "Bubba Baker" and the Big Green
defense defined these uniforms. Tear away
jerseys and a lot of yellow for the Bicentennial.
Although only worn for two
seasons, the rams horns on the
sleeves style best defines the Steve
Fairchild quarterbacking days.
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Uniforms - 1982 to 2010
CSU ended with these uniforms
that only lasted the lone season in
which the Rams became the first
team in NCAA history to go 0-12.
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