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Colorado State University unveils two new facilities for athletics
On September 18, 2009, Colorado State University opened two new athletic facilities to complete the largest expansion of athletic training
building in school history. The first, located next to the McGraw Athletic Center, is the academic and athletic training facility. Inside is a
computer lab, study area and the most updated weight room ever seen on the CSU campus. This building connects to Moby Arena so that
athletes are able to walk from the weight room to their respected locker room without leaving the building. The center also has room for more
trophies and depicts the Aggies and Rams history etched in a glass wall.

Behind the Moby Arena complex is the long awaited Indoor Practice Facility with a 70-yard football field and gym large enough to fit two
basketball courts for the championship volleyball team and up-coming basketball teams. Inside the massive arched ceiling of the football
practice field are nets that the softball team can bring down for indoor batting practice and a track to practice sprints. Unlike other schools in
the nation, this building is made of concrete and steel and built to last for many generations of Ram athletes.

With the construction of these two buildings, Colorado State completed the largest construction project for athletic facilities since 1964-1968
when both Moby Arena and Hughes Stadium were built. It is certain that CSU has invested in its athletic future with facilities as nice as these.