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In 2010 Colorado Aggies.Com celebrates the 20th anniversary of
the impossible dream made into a reality by Coach Earle Bruce
and his group of smash-mouth Ram football players. Although this
marks the 21st season since this great team, it was 20
years ago
that the Rams rejuvenated football at CSU and shocked the
college football world when they not only went to a bowl game,
but beat the Oregon Ducks in a thriller of a game.

This preview for our fans debuted during the week prior to the
2010 spring football game so that fans can see a teaser before the
real feature stories show up on CA.C later this fall. We will have
player interviews, insights into the season that nobody could forget
along with photos and videos that bring those yellow jerseys back
to life.

We have even been able to show for the first time the video,
"Good Vibrations" which was produced for the players after their
great season. Digitized and placed on YouTube for everyone to
see, this video highlights the season and the bowl game itself to
begin to bring back those memories of 20 years ago.  
The 20th Anniversary of the 1990 Colorado State Rams - Preview  
A Year-long Celebration in
2010 of the first CSU Football
team to Win a Bowl Game
Good Vibrations Video - Part 1
Good Vibrations Video - Part 2
The 1990 school year started off like many others as students
checked into the dorms and off-campus apartments. Athletics at
CSU had begun an upswing for the first time in years, starting with
the basketball program. During the spring semester of 1990, men's
basketball coach Boyd "Tiny"Grant guided his Rams team to their
second WAC championship in as many years. Grant, a CSU
graduate and the protégé of legendary CSU basketball coach Jim
Williams, returned to his alma mater after a highly successful
career at Fresno State. With basketball on the rise and a new
athletic director, CSU decided to make a change in football after
Leon Fuller's last two seasons in which the Rams won two games
and lost 21.

Enter in Earle Bruce, an Ohio State legend who turned the 1-10
Leon Fuller guided 1988 team into a 5-5-1 Earle Bruce
coached1989 team. Few fans, students or administrators had any
idea what would happen to CSU football in the fall of 1990, but
the Rams football team believed in themselves.
Earle Bruce arrived at CSU in 1989
The fall 1990 school year also opened
with a new university president named
Albert Yates. Change was everywhere at
CSU and football shocked everyone.
Dr. Albert C. Yates